Holly Jukebox Challenge

25 days. 25 song videos. All performed by Holly to raise money for better mental health.

The ‘Holly Jukebox Challenge’ began in 2016, primarily as a ‘let’s see what happens’ way for Holly to have a laugh and fight off the Winter blues. Creative focus has always been a coping technique Holly has used to get through difficult times, and 2016 really took the biscuit for this – it was the year in which the world lost some wonderful people, one being her big brother Mark, who devastatingly popped off in April 2016 at the age of 31.

Whilst walking into town one October evening, Holly was thinking of ways that she could protect her own wellbeing during the Winter months, and maybe do something positive in the face of such a tough year. It was then she had an idea that would combine her love of testing herself, learning new songs, raising money for charity, and (hopefully) spreading positivity to others in something she called the ‘Holly Jukebox Challenge’.

The challenge? Think of it like a musical advent calendar. Holly has to learn, perform, record and upload a song request every day between 1st – 25th December. The requesting person selects the song, any preferred dates for the video to go live, and adds in a dedication to be shown at the start of the video (if they wish). The requester also agrees to make a donation of £20 (minimum) to Holly’s chosen charity, York Mind. Every day, Holly uploads the videos to her Facebook page & YouTube channel.


  1. One song request per person
  2. The request can be any relatively well-known song in the public domain (i.e. no obscure b-sides please!)
  3. Once your request has been accepted and confirmed by Holly, you agree to make a donation of at least £20 to York Mind (either via Facebook Donate or JustGiving)
  4. First come, first served – so if you’d like a song, please be quick!

Holly is currently taking a toddler-induced break from the Holly Jukebox Challenge – but please do view all the previous videos (there are MANY) on her YouTube channel.