New album – ‘The Bronze’ – releasing September 2014

Dear One and All

We are superbly proud to let you know that our next full length studio album, ‘The Bronze’, will be launched in September 2014.

The Bronze is, we feel, our first truly collaborative set of songs; ten brand-new, co-written and arranged originals which really capture the essence of our sound together.

It’s a bit of a departure from the music you might have heard from us before; darker, fuller, brooding, atmospheric. Less Toes, more woes. Sounds like if The Sundays and The Civil Wars sat down on a comfortable sofa and watched a few episodes of Buffy Season 1 together. And we think it’s by far and away our best work and we can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Recorded in the sound capital of York (Acomb), we have worked alongside an absolutely fantastic engineer by the name of Isaac McInnis at Crooked Room Studio. We cannot praise him enough for his time, hard work, complete understanding of how we wanted this album to sound, and his affectionate cat Mozart.

The Bronze is currently in the hands of mastering guru Dave Keegan whilst the sleeve design is being nurtured by the excellent Samantha Kay-Foster; once we have the final audio complete, we will let you have a little listen.

(But only a little one, because we have to make a living.)

Thank you to each of you for supporting us through our musical endeavours, we promise to be back very soon. With music.

Holly & Chris

PS Buffy fans, yes it is and you will see why.