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New album – ‘The Making Of Me’ – OUT NOW!

This time last year, I was still on maternity leave, and music felt like the furthest it had been from me in a long time. Up to my eyes in new-parent-identity-crisis, still shellshocked from the overwhelm of becoming a Mum, plus of course not wanting to leave my baby to go out and gig – I wondered if I would ever feel that very specific spark of creativity again.

Now here we are. 12 months down the line, and a blooming new album in my hands. I genuinely cannot believe it!

Built song by song in the minutes carved out between teatime and toddler bedtime, ‘The Making Of Me’ is a collection of 8 honest, relatable songs, neatly packaged into almost exactly 30 minutes of playing time. It represents a return to myself. Well, a new and improved version of myself – someone who can write, perform and now record my own music. The very definition of DIY, each song has been written and recorded in the top room of my house, each CD has been packaged individually by my fair hands (and very nearly my daughter’s).

I have a few people to thank:

Chris Bilton – for 100% believing in me, and giving me the confidence and tools I needed to do it (plus your atmospheric electric guitar skills, and your Christmas tree nostalgia)

My Mum – for unending support, encouragement and love

Emi & the HMC – for our unique friendship, and helping me heal my relationship with songwriting

John Illingworth – for the inspiration behind track 3, ‘Song To The Ninety-One’

Anna S & family – for the inspiration behind track 5, ‘Corellia’

Sophie Howard – for the beautiful CD layout design + graphics

Daniel Gonzalez – for the cello on track 2, ‘January’

Dan Webster – for help with the final mastering and DDP files

My daughter, Ripley Rose Bilton – for being the very making of me

I could not be prouder of this CD and I hope it soothes whatever ails you. Thank you so much for sticking with me and for patiently waiting for the stars to align so I could make it happen.

Gonna write another one next year – the songwriting lid has been well and truly lifted!

Listen to The Making Of Me:

Spotify – The Making Of Me – Album by Holly Taymar | Spotify

YouTube –

Buy a CD – The Making Of Me – 8 track audio CD (2022) – Holly Taymar

Thanks everyone. You’re the best xxx

NEW CD RELEASE – December 2022

At the beginning of this year, with an 8 month old baby, I made a resolution to let more music into my life. Now, I’ve never really been mad-keen on resolutions – setting yourself up for disappointment and all that – but by crikey, I’ve kept this one and guess what?

In December 2022, I’m releasing my first collection of new music since 2014 🎶

8 original songs. Solo stuff. Everything written, recorded and produced at home by me. Will be available to buy on my web shop, Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube (heck the songs will even be on TikTok if you’re into that). Release date tbc, but it’ll be out in December – please keep checking my pages for updates 💜

I won’t be doing any shows to promote the release. For the first time ever, I purely just want to share these songs with you all with no expectations. Some radio play would be cool, but do you know what? I’ve made these songs for me, and for anyone else who digs them. I’m not trying to convince anyone to give me a record deal, I’m not trying to make a ton of money. I am so excited for you to hear what I’ve been working on these last few months – thank you so much for sticking with me.

Big love,

Holly x

New website!

Welcome back everyone!

The VERY eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a subtle change to my website. There have been lots of things happening behind the scenes in life recently and I felt it was time to update my website to reflect this!

Firstly – Chris (my husband) and I are still happy together, enjoying life and music – but we’re pursuing our own projects at the moment, so our duo ‘The Bronze’ is on hiatus for now.

There was a chuffing GLOBAL PANDEMIC and gigs were off the menu for a year… Then, I had a baby! Ripley Rose Bilton is now 15 months old and has put a pause on evening gigs for a bit. They will return, but just when she’s a little older.

During the pandemic-and-postpartum-induced gig pause, I did a lot of personal work in healing my long time problematic relationship with songwriting. I joined a songwriter’s group online (which was incredible) and wrote lots of new tunes, which I’m really happy with. Consequently, I’ve been keeping creative during early parenthood by writing songs regularly for myself and other people. It works flexibly around running after a toddler, and I LOVE it!

I’m definitely still me, just an upgraded, less-BS version of me. I think having a kid really helps refine what your priorities are in life, and I can safely say that music is up there alongside family and chocolate digestives.

If you’d like to support this new family of mine and make my heart happy, do check out the various parts of my website. I can perform a gig for you, or even write you your very own personalised song! I love doing both so get in touch if you have any questions 🙂

Much love and thank you for joining me in this new Internet space,

H xx

Lockdown Jukebox 2020

What does a musician and charity fundraiser do whilst in the middle of a pandemic-induced social lockdown? Bust out the tunes for donations, that’s what.

Normally, the Holly Jukebox Challenge takes place in December every year (see info about how it works here) . However, as most of us now find our worlds flipped turned upside down, with minimal social contact and live music events being postponed or cancelled during the Spring and Summer of 2020, I want to do my best to bring some comfort, tiny moments of joy and cracking tunes back into your lives.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You request a song you’d like to hear me play using the form here
  2. I’ll confirm the request personally with you via email and agree a go live date
  3. I’ll learn the song, perform it and upload a live video to my YouTube channel (I’m aiming to do a new upload every 48 hours between 21st March – 25th April initially)
  4. You make a donation of whatever you can afford (suggested £20 per song, but please see below for my guidelines) to my chosen charity York Mind via my JustGiving page

The rules:

  1. Please make sure I’ve confirmed your song and go live date via email before making a donation
  2. I’ll have a go at almost any song that brings you joy! But ideally please choose songs already in the public domain if you can I.e. no obscure b-sides (it makes them more entertaining for people watching the vids, and makes learning them from YouTube much easier for me!). Bonus points for pandemic related song choices like ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ etc.
  3. There’s no fixed amount for donations. Times are tough for lots of us right now, all I’m trying to do is bring joy and fundraise as best I can for York Mind. If you can afford to donate £20, that’s cool. If you can afford to donate £5, that’s cool. If you can afford £100, that’s cool too.
  4. I’m aiming to do one song every 48 hours until 25th April. If I have loads of requests, I’ll either extend the deadline or fit some more songs in as we go.

So, you ready? Make a request for your favourite song here

Holly Jukebox is back for 2018!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick message to say that my musical advent calendar, the ‘Holly Jukebox’, to raise funds for York Mind is now up and running!

You can find each video as it goes up here: 

I’ll be uploading them mostly in the evenings (girl’s gotta work, y’know)

I’m so pleased to have raised a fab amount for York Mind – if you’re enjoying the videos, and you’d like to support my fundraising, you can do so here:

Thank you everyone!

Holly’s going solo at The Grand

Good news folks! Holly’s found a new home for her regular solo gig (whilst Chris is happy to play sound engineer for this one)….

Announcing….. Holly Taymar at The Rise (within The Grand Hotel in York) on selected Friday nights.

The Rise is a beautiful restaurant and bar within The Grand Hotel, right in the heart of York. Grab yourself a spot in one of the comfy sofas, catch some amazing cocktails and hear Holly playing between 8pm – 10pm on selected Friday nights in 2018/19. Check out the Gig List for full dates. (You don’t need to book a table for food if you’d like to come and watch – you can just have drinks if you like).

Oh yeah, and it’s free entry. Cheers!

Holly Jukebox 2017 is live!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick message to say that my month of request videos to raise funds for York Mind is now up and running!

You can find each video as it goes up here:

I’ll be uploading them mostly in the evenings (girl’s gotta work, y’know)

I’m so pleased to have raised a fab amount for York Mind – if you’re enjoying the videos, and you’d like to support my fundraising, you can do so here:

It is always inclined towards fullness. But due to the termination of breastfeeding, by the summer I recovered up to 120kg !!! At 9 weeks of pregnancy, I weighed 102 kg for comparison (my height is 171). I agree that quite a lot. 2.5 months trying to sit on diets, the result – 3 kg minus.

Thank you everyone!

Holly Jukebox Challenge – Back for 2017!

IT’S BACK! Holly Jukebox Challenge 2017 now open for requests!

As some of you know, last year I decided to combine two of my favourite things – music and charity – and came up with the Holly Jukebox Challenge. I invited everyone I knew to send me their song requests, which I then challenged myself to learn, perform, film and upload to YouTube every other day in December. In exchange, I asked for a donation per song to local mental health charity York Mind.

The 19 songs I learnt turned out to be brilliant fun, raised over £500 AND it was a hilarious way to combat my Winter blues….

SO I’M DOING IT AGAIN (but bigger)!

During December 2017, I will be uploading a song request EVERY DAY. 31 days. 31 songs. YIKES.

REQUESTS NOW OPEN – Please email your request (and preferred date, if any) to:

Donations can be made at:

I’ll allocate as many requests as I can until the calendar is full! Last year we went through Led Zep, Spice Girls, Barbra Streisand, Prince and The Kinks amongst others. What song would you like me to learn?

You can dedicate songs to someone you know, and select a preferred date. The minimum donation per song is £15, which again will go to York Mind to help support their incredible work.

Thanks everyone – first song upload is 1st December.

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A new home on Tuesdays for Holly – Angel on the Green!

Thanks very much to everyone who came along to my recent show at Angel on the Green (Bishy Road) on Tuesday 5th Sept. I loved playing to such an attentive crowd and felt really at home in this beautiful new café bar, just down the road from my house!

I’m very pleased to say that I’ll be playing at Angel on the Green regularly from now on, with my shows falling the first Tuesday of the month.

The next date is Tuesday 3rd October (9pm – 11pm).

It’s free, there is really lovely (and reasonably priced!) food available at the venue until 8pm and then you can grab yourself something delicious to drink and wind down afterwards with me playing you songs in the back room.

Everyone welcome, bring a pal or simply pull up a chair flying solo.

Hope to see you there next time! HTB xx