New album – ‘The Making Of Me’ – OUT NOW!

This time last year, I was still on maternity leave, and music felt like the furthest it had been from me in a long time. Up to my eyes in new-parent-identity-crisis, still shellshocked from the overwhelm of becoming a Mum, plus of course not wanting to leave my baby to go out and gig – I wondered if I would ever feel that very specific spark of creativity again.

Now here we are. 12 months down the line, and a blooming new album in my hands. I genuinely cannot believe it!

Built song by song in the minutes carved out between teatime and toddler bedtime, ‘The Making Of Me’ is a collection of 8 honest, relatable songs, neatly packaged into almost exactly 30 minutes of playing time. It represents a return to myself. Well, a new and improved version of myself – someone who can write, perform and now record my own music. The very definition of DIY, each song has been written and recorded in the top room of my house, each CD has been packaged individually by my fair hands (and very nearly my daughter’s).

I have a few people to thank:

Chris Bilton – for 100% believing in me, and giving me the confidence and tools I needed to do it (plus your atmospheric electric guitar skills, and your Christmas tree nostalgia)

My Mum – for unending support, encouragement and love

Emi & the HMC – for our unique friendship, and helping me heal my relationship with songwriting

John Illingworth – for the inspiration behind track 3, ‘Song To The Ninety-One’

Anna S & family – for the inspiration behind track 5, ‘Corellia’

Sophie Howard – for the beautiful CD layout design + graphics

Daniel Gonzalez – for the cello on track 2, ‘January’

Dan Webster – for help with the final mastering and DDP files

My daughter, Ripley Rose Bilton – for being the very making of me

I could not be prouder of this CD and I hope it soothes whatever ails you. Thank you so much for sticking with me and for patiently waiting for the stars to align so I could make it happen.

Gonna write another one next year – the songwriting lid has been well and truly lifted!

Listen to The Making Of Me:

Spotify – The Making Of Me – Album by Holly Taymar | Spotify

YouTube –

Buy a CD – The Making Of Me – 8 track audio CD (2022) – Holly Taymar

Thanks everyone. You’re the best xxx