New website!

Welcome back everyone!

The VERY eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a subtle change to my website. There have been lots of things happening behind the scenes in life recently and I felt it was time to update my website to reflect this!

Firstly – Chris (my husband) and I are still happy together, enjoying life and music – but we’re pursuing our own projects at the moment, so our duo ‘The Bronze’ is on hiatus for now.

There was a chuffing GLOBAL PANDEMIC and gigs were off the menu for a year… Then, I had a baby! Ripley Rose Bilton is now 15 months old and has put a pause on evening gigs for a bit. They will return, but just when she’s a little older.

During the pandemic-and-postpartum-induced gig pause, I did a lot of personal work in healing my long time problematic relationship with songwriting. I joined a songwriter’s group online (which was incredible) and wrote lots of new tunes, which I’m really happy with. Consequently, I’ve been keeping creative during early parenthood by writing songs regularly for myself and other people. It works flexibly around running after a toddler, and I LOVE it!

I’m definitely still me, just an upgraded, less-BS version of me. I think having a kid really helps refine what your priorities are in life, and I can safely say that music is up there alongside family and chocolate digestives.

If you’d like to support this new family of mine and make my heart happy, do check out the various parts of my website. I can perform a gig for you, or even write you your very own personalised song! I love doing both so get in touch if you have any questions 🙂

Much love and thank you for joining me in this new Internet space,

H xx