Free song download and a new band name – ‘The Bronze’

So this is the news… on Friday, we announced that to coincide with the release of our new full-length album in a few weeks, we have chosen to perform and release music from now on under our new band name of …. ‘The Bronze’.

This is to recognise a few things: the fact that we are now making music completely collaboratively and moving away from the lead singer/accompanist set-up; to mark the fact that our new album reflects a slightly different, darker sound which we really hope you like; and the fact that despite many years performing together, we’re lucky if both of our names are included on publicity material, let alone spelled right 🙂

To celebrate this joyous news, we’ve given you a free download of one of the songs from our new album! You can download it from here

We really hope that you come with us in the next stage of our journey together. This website will be re-directing to a new address ( shortly, but in the meantime, if you do Facebook, we would be really chuffed if you could pop over to our new Facebook page and give us a like. We will be using that page exclusively for new album previews and other The Bronze news so please do stay with us!

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Thank you all so much for your support x x x x