Waking Up Is Hard To Do (2009)




The difficult second album! Beginning with perennial favourite, ‘The Bush Song’, also including ‘Toes’, ‘Keeping Time’ and ‘All At Sea’; Holly showcases the depth and maturity of her songwriting gained through her early gigging experiences.

Collaborating again with her York musical accomplices, Holly’s inspiration for this album was the book ‘How To Be Idle’ (author Tom Hodgkinson) whom she thanks on the liner notes. And yes, that is a bed on the Little Knavesmire.

Track listing (Waking Up Is Hard To Do)

1. The Bush Song

2. 7am

3. Toes

4. Keeping Time

5. 24 Hours

6. Waking Up Is Hard To Do

7. The Rain

8. The Christmas Lament

9. All At Sea

10. Nobody

11. Watch From Afar (Live)


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