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Do you want to write a song, and you know roughly what you’d like to say, but you’re not musical? Let me do the work for you!

I will write and record a personalised, gentle song on voice and acoustic guitar just for you, or for someone else (perhaps as a gift!).


First, I take a few details from you about what you’d like the song to contain.

Then, I send you some draft lyrics and an idea of the music to check you’re happy to go ahead.

I can then write and record the full song. Easy!



As standard, your song will be sent to you as:

A private YouTube video

An MP4 video file

An MP3 audio file


I’ll write about most things – the more specific the better! So get in touch if you’d like me to write a song about:

Your dog who loves to jump in piles of leaves

Your Dad who can’t get enough of watching sports on TV

Your partner who has very strong views on the use of pineapple on pizza


You get the drift! Feel free to ask questions and view examples of my work before purchasing. I’m happy to accommodate most requests so you get exactly what you want.


Get started by popping me an enquiry here



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